Our graduation project is finally released!

NotSlot’s first game Nugget & Penny’s Adventure Machine is now available for free download!

During yet-another-afternoon Nugget & Penny fly with their imagination into an energetic adventure.

Their adventure shortly take an unexpected turn when their flying Adventure Machine crashes in an unknown world. To fix the machine and fly back home the kids must find all missing parts. Not an easy tasks when they need to trick a vengeful robot, dodging giants' legs and defeat the mocking monkeys.

The game is a co-op local-multiplayer, featuring 3 mini-games, each with it's own unique mechanics and environment.

Two years ago, the Visual Communication department at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design has launched a new program for Game Design. We are proud to be part of the first students graduating the Game Design program. The program has introduced us to the world of Indie Dev — a world we find fascinating and challenging as one. This game represents the progress we have made during the last couple years.

Also we are releasing the game now, we sure hope to release a few updates during the upcoming weeks — crushing bugs, fine tuning and implement some required features.

We would HIGHLY APPRECIATE any feedback!

We also would like to thank some guys who helped along the way; Eric Lerner for the wise advise and direction, Dani Beacon for the support and pushing the field forward, Mati & Itamar Ernest for the constant feedback.

A more detailed postmortem and process devlog should follow soon...

Hope you guys will enjoy the game!

Nir & Danielle — team NotSlot

Get Adventure Machine


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Yay. Cool and good!